Portrait of Painter Olga Boznańska

Helena Emingerová - engraver

Helena Emingerová - engraver - Portrait of Painter Olga Boznańska
Like painter Zdenka Braunerová, Helena Emingerová (1858-1943) also integrated graphic art in her work as a prospering painter. She mastered its basic skills in a graphics course taught by Maximilian Dasio in Munich in 1896. She debuted her etchings in the same year, and these earned her recognition as a pioneer in Czech modern graphic art in the later historiography. The nostalgic subtlety of her work done at that time is enhanced by her subsequent focus on the drypoint technique. Even before 1900, she was doing lithographic portraits rendered in masterfully sketched abbreviations, helping to return this technique to artistic graphic art.
measurements: height 332 mm
width 241 mm
material: paper
technique: lithograph
inventory number: R 164679
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings
author of the entry Mgr. PETR ŠÁMAL, Ph.D.