Water Surface

Alena Kučerová

Alena Kučerová - Water Surface
Alena Kučerová specializes exclusively in printmaking which she develops in an original fashion. Apart from Adriena Šimotová and Eva Kmentová, Kučerová is another female artist has made a strong impact on Czech figurative art. In her oeuvre, the printing matrix itself can function as a work of art in its own right. The artist uses cheap tin-plated metal sheets which she perforates, crushes or presses wires into them. These works are unique creations that offer new possibilities in artistic expression. The Water Surface - a large-format print from a perforated sheet - is one of the artist’s monumental works. It is based on a perforation line made by awls - punching tools of various sizes. This print depicts a theme that the artist has been treating from the 1960s in her so-called „swimming motifs“. Alena Kučerová’s figurative art is free of acute existential contents. Here, she has monumentalized an everyday situation that is ordinary, pleasant and loosely set in space.
measurements: height 600 mm
width 874 mm
material: paper
technique: Print from a perforated sheet
inventory number: R 179655
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings