Lady with Fan from the cycle Ornatus Mulieribus

Wenceslaus Hollar - engraver

Wenceslaus Hollar - engraver - Lady with Fan from the cycle Ornatus Mulieribus
Hollar’s Reisbüchlein series was published in the Cologne workshop of Abraham Hogenberg in 1636; in it, Hollar depicted various figural themes and costumes in Germany and the Low Countries (where he had travelled in 1634). In 1636, however, he followed his patron Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, to England. While there, he did cycles with female figural motifs, the one of which, Ornatus Mulieribus, was published in 1639-1640. It depicts a variety of women’s costumes: rural and urban, summer and winter. He ordered the costume scenes with numbers, though they follow no chronological weather-related order. It was while working on them, however, that Hollar may have got the idea to employ these motifs and his rare skills to render different genteel fabrics and furs in his newly conceived Four Seasons cycle.
measurements: height 154 mm
width 91 mm
material: paper
technique: etching
inventory number: R 19892
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings