Eritis similes Deo (Eve)

Felicien Rops

Felicien Rops - Eritis similes Deo (Eve)
Rops was an excellent draftsman and to achieve his intention he combined and investigated various creative procedures and graphic techniques, especially photogravure. His prints and illustrations are linked with the literature of his time. First and foremost there is his obsession with the dominant woman and her negative influence on the world of male thought. The femme fatale becomes a symbol of decline, lust and instinct as a criticism of society and a reflection of the time. In the form of the sinning biblical Eve he reveals her debauchery and obsession with Satan. His unusual symbolism strongly influenced an entire generation of decadent and symbolist artists.
measurements: height 242 mm
width 153 mm
material: paper
technique: vernis mou (soft-ground etching)
inventory number: R 227839
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings