The Allegory of Music and Painting

Joseph Fischer

Joseph Fischer - The Allegory of Music and Painting
Joseph Fisher, a painter, engraver and lithographer, was a student of the Vienna Art Academy. During his sojourn in Paris (1802), he met Nikolaus I, Prince Esterhazy, whom he accompanied in 1803 on his journey to London as an adviser in his art purchases; later he was curator of the Count's art holdings and the author of the first catalogue on the collections. In London, Fischer familiarized himself with lithography, specifically in the workshop run by Philipp André. Lithography was also produced by Benjamin West, President of the London Royal Academy, whose romantic pathos and spontaneous drawing style influenced Fischer. André presented the artistic possibilities of lithography in his series of twelve sheets called Specimens of Polyautography (1803, 1806), incorporating in it one of Fischer’s prints. Fischer’s prints of those days are regarded as precious incunabulae of both Austrian and English lithography. The Allegory of Music and Painting evidently reflects Prince Esterhazy’s avid interests in the visual and musical arts.
measurements: height 250 mm
width 305 mm
material: paper
technique: Pen lithograph
inventory number: R 46292
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings