Cardinal Ernest Adalbert Harrach

Etienne Picart - engraver

Etienne Picart - engraver - Cardinal Ernest Adalbert Harrach
Étienne Picart (1631-1721) refined his graphic skills with François Poilly, a French engraver active in Rome between 1645 and 1656. Although a native Parisian, he signed his works „Romanus“ so as to distinguish his own oeuvre from the prints by other artists of the same name. He was active in the Eternal City to as late as 1661, when he returned to Paris. In 1710, he moved to Amsterdam due to religious reasons, and died there in 1721. The portrait of Adalbert Harrach originates from an extensive collection capturing the living cardinals. All the engravings from this cycle display identical attributes. The oval-framed portrait is accompanied by the personal coats-of-arms of both, the prelate and the pope who had appointed him to the position of cardinal.
measurements: height 197 mm
width 145 mm
material: paper
technique: engraving
inventory number: R 68304
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings