Jean Couvay - engraver, Nicolas Poussin - inventor - Martyrdom of St Erasmus
The engraving by French graphic artist Jean Couvay reproduces one of Poussin’s most acclaimed works. The title wrongly identifies the theme as the Martyrdom of St Bartholomew, but it is a reproduction of The Martyrdom of St Erasmus (1628-1629), which Cardinal Francesco Barberini commissioned from Poussin for St Peter’s Basilica. The painting was Poussin’s public debut in Rome. The contemporary fame of this painting is corroborated by Couvay’s Latin dedication to Poussin, in which the artist expresses his admiration for Poussin’s work.
measurements: height 550 mm
width 345 mm
material: paper
technique: Engraving
inventory number: R 88362
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings