Qurʿan Manuscript


Anonymous - Qurʿan Manuscript
This single-volume Qurʿan manuscript written in Arabic in the naskh script includes 373 folios. The leather covers with a typical envelope flap miqlab are decorated with embossed gilded stylized floral motifs in the peripheral cartouches and on the surface of the outside covers and in the central polychrome medallion of the inside covers. The frontispiece (ff. 1v-2r), colophon (ff. 372v-373r) and other folios are lavishly gilded and illuminated with fine floral ornamentation whose range and style are characteristic of contemporary production in the given locality.
measurements: height 37 cm
width 26 cm
in collections:
material: Paper, leather, ink, paint, gold
inventory number: Vm 1888
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art