Anonymous - Amitayus
Amitayus is a form of the Buddha Amitabha, one of the five transcendental Buddhas. He is the embodiment of infinite life. The body is red in colour and is adorned with jewel ornaments and a crown like a Bodhisattva. Traditionally, Amitayus is depicted seated in the lotus position on a throne. In his hands resting in his lap, he holds the Vase of Life filled with the nectar of immortality. Amitayus is encircled by lotus leaves and flowers and the background is formed by groups of similar small figures. As a deity of longevity, he is invoked to cure a person in ill health, or to revert the danger of premature or untimely death. The imaginary landscape with stylized cliffs, clouds and lotus flowers suggests inspiration in Chinese art.
measurements: height 70 cm
width 37 cm
in collections:
material: cotton
technique: painted in colors and gold
inventory number: Vm 2615
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art