Anonymous - Shambhala
Shambhala is the name of a mythical kingdom of uncertain geographical location from which the redeemers of mankind are destined to come when the world is ravaged by war and destruction. Shambhala has a circular layout and at its centre stands the city of Kalapa, governed by the Kulika dynasty. The royal seat is surrounded by billions of human households and is flanked by seas of treasures. Tsongkhapa with two of his pupils is portrayed above the plan of Shambhala. With a personification of Kalachakra on the left and a personification of Hevajra on the right, a war scene plays out on the bottom of the thangka. The army of the last of the Shambhalan rulers, Kulika Rudra, chases away the enemy, who flee to the palace of their leader while it is bombarded by a cannon.
measurements: height 195 cm
width 135 cm
material: cotton
technique: painted in colors
inventory number: Vm 5951
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art