Unique encounter (Ichigo ichie)

Undó Inamura

Undó Inamura - Unique encounter (Ichigo ichie)
Calligraphers of the avant-garde zen’eisho variety found an important source of inspiration in the seal script tensho, which evolved under the Han dynasty. Master Undō Inamura created a calligraphy using the style that is still used today to create Japanese identification seals. The title of the work expresses a motto of Zen philosophy: each encounter is unique and occurs only once in a lifetime, so we should value it as much as possible. Undō Inamura is a prominent member of several calligraphic societies and the author of a number of publications on modern calligraphy.
measurements: height 133 cm
width 34 cm
material: Paper, silk
technique: Ink painting
inventory number: Vm 6619
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art
licence: copyrighted work

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