Vase with motif of lotus lake


Anonymous - Vase with motif of lotus lake
The lotus lake is painted in both transparent and non-transparent enamels over milk-white glaze. The so-called famille rose (pink family) enamels are of European origin and were introduced to Chinese porcelain in the early 18th century. They quickly became domesticated, replacing older types of decoration in the style of the so-called famille verte (green family). The vase’s shape is based on the archaic bronze ritual vessel gu. It was most likely part of a three- or five-piece set of slim and lidded bulbous vases, many of which were imported to Europe in the 18th century to adorn mantelpieces.
measurements: height 48,3 cm
material: porcelain
technique: Painted in overglaze famille rose enamels
inventory number: Vu 1042
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art