Chelaberd Rug


Anonymous - Chelaberd Rug
Chelaberd is one of the best-known types of Karabakh carpet. Precursors of this rug’s central medallion appeared as early as the 17th century in carpets with dragon, flower and palmette patterns as a smaller motif creating a complex pattern system; the beam-like medallion appeared as a dominating motif of smaller rugs as late as the end of the 18th or the 19th centuries. The pattern in the central field, with a robust medallion toward which plant motifs are directed from the lateral edges, is perfectly balanced in terms of composition and colour. An inconspicuous bordure is subtly added to the distinct central motif. The warp is of whitish wool and the weft of red wool; 992 knots per dm2. The carpet was restored in 1966.
measurements: height 194 cm
width 146 cm
in collections:
material: Wool
technique: Woven, hand knotted
inventory number: Vu 1351
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art