Vase Decorated with Cranes and Flower Bushes

Katō Mokuzaemon II

Katō Mokuzaemon II - Vase Decorated with Cranes and Flower Bushes
The vase from the workshop of Katō Mokuzaemon II represents the best of late Seto region production. It combines the congratulatory motif of the crane, a traditional symbol of endurance and longevity, and “the friends of winter”, i.e. pine and bamboo, motif. The evergreen pine tree is a symbol of resiliency and longevity, and so is the prunus, whose early cultivars can survive even in very cold weather. The third “friend of winter” is bamboo, which – with pine and prunus – is another traditional part of Japanese New Year decorations. The vase’s decorative composition is therefore based on traditional Chinese and Japanese landscape painting and combines classic congratulatory “winter” motifs.
measurements: height 64 cm
in collections:
material: Porcelain
technique: Green, blue and black underglaze painting, pink cover painting
inventory number: Vu 3039
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art