Chest with a Domed Lid


Anonymous - Chest with a Domed Lid
This chest is an outstanding example of Japanese export (“Namban”) lacquerware, which was imported to Europe first by Portuguese and Spanish traders and later – starting in 1639 – exclusively by the Dutch. This export lacquerware produced in Kyoto lacquer workshops for European clients often imitated European shapes done after models supplied to producers. Its decoration is a combination of traditional Japanese lacquer that adorns patterns with European and, especially, Indian influences, as furniture from Gujarat, India (also produced for European clients) served as a model.
measurements: height 30 cm
width 45,5 cm
depth 24,5 cm
in collections:
material: Wood, lacquer – copper, mother of pearl, gold, silver
technique: Combined technique (golden and silver hiramakie and takamakie, raden style inlay)
inventory number: Vu 4372
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art