Collections of the National Gallery in Prague

The collection of the National Gallery in Prague hides many treasures and masterspieces. Some of those masterpieces are situated in our permanent collections and you can easily become acquainted with these highlights via our online database.

At the present time, the National Gallery in Prague implements a fragment of an open access policy for digital images of artworks but it can be a good starting point for educational purposes – how to find basic information about the artworks and authors or view good-quality pictures in particular. The list of digitalized artworks will be further broadened in the future. In order to zoom parts and see all the details, you can easily browse through images that belongs to the public domain in high-resolution

Mapa NG

In our artwork database you can:

Download images in the public domain

  • §Digital reproductions of artworks in the public domain and is free of other known restrictions are available on this site. Users may download them free of charge and without seeking authorization from the Gallery while using them for both commercial and non-commercial usage - i.e. users may copy, modify and share them freely.
  • §When images further dispersed, use the credit line containing name of the artist, title, the National Gallery in Prague and the source (

Use images in the public domain

  • print (posters, postcards, flyers, apparel, etc.)
  • creative usage (digital modification, collages or animations)
  • education (educational materials including books, websites and presentations)