Christ Ministered and Borne by Angels

Michael Leopold Willmann

Michael Leopold Willmann - Christ Ministered and Borne by Angels
According to a record of 1795, this painting adorned the chapel of the Nostitz Palace in the Lesser Town of Prague. This work proves Willmann’s close relatedness to the production of the Dutch painters from Rembrandt’s circle. The flowing draperies of the robes of the angels and Christ’s clothing are captured brilliantly. Likewise masterfully treated is the composition based on a distinct vertical. The painting depicts the final episode from St Matthew´s Gospel (4, 1-11) – before Christ started his public sermons, he fasted in the desert for forty days and was three times visited by the devil there. The latter tried to overcome him - first he ordered Christ to transform stones into bread, then he wanted him to bow to him and adore him, and finally bade him to jump down from the top of the temple in Jerusalem. When Christ resisted the devil’s seductions, angels went down to him and brought him food. Willmann represented the monumental figure of Christ with a gesture marking triumph, being borne by two angels, while a number of others are bringing food on trays.
measurements: height 198,5 cm
width 166 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: DO 4360
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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