Luminescent Algae. Aquarium in Naplesi

Wenzel August Hablik

Wenzel August Hablik - Luminescent Algae. Aquarium in Naplesi
A close connection with nature was a typical theme of Hablik’s art. His inspiration from nature is mostly expressed by crystalline and vegetable motifs which are also found in this drawing. Yet, here the stylised, organic, and natural motif changes into a nearly abstract composition, making these types of drawings the precursors of biomorphic abstraction. The way of capturing the underwater world is also reminiscent of the decalcomania technique which was later revived by the surrealists. The drawing comes from the time of the first abstract paintings of František Kupka who also found organic forms important. Similar to Kupka, Hablik’s work has a significant spiritual dimension, expressing a higher order and capturing the cosmic and the universal. Natural sciences meet the spiritual ones, and their boundaries fade away in the oeuvre of both these artists.
measurements: height 490 mm
width 635 mm
in collections:
material: paper
technique: colored ink
inventory number: K 17439
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings