Hanging Jánošík

Miloš Jiránek

Miloš Jiránek - Hanging Jánošík
Miloš Jiránek’s systematic study of the landscape and life of Moravian Slovakia and Slovakia was meant to result in a comprehensive cycle called “Rebels” that he planned to publish in the form of an album of prints accompanied by his own literary text; however, due to adversary circumstances, this plan ultimately failed to be realized. Along with the texts published in the “Volné směry” art journal and the book “Impressions and Wanderings” (Dojmy a potulky), a collection of sketches remains from the cycle. The cycle was supposed to end with a scene showing the rebel Jánošík hung from a hook, which has been preserved in several versions. The literary counterpart to Jiránek’s watercolour is the conclusion of his treatise “Rebels” (Zbojníci), in which the author describes the hero’s unbroken spirit when tortured and dying.
measurements: height 553 mm
width 407 mm
in collections:
material: cardboard
technique: watercolour
inventory number: K 45317
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings