Stormy Landscape

František Tkadlík

František Tkadlík - Stormy Landscape
The early drawing Stormy Landscape is the most dramatic of Tkadlík’s landscape drawings. The trees may be bending down in the gusts of wind, but the sky and vegetation in the background appear calm, as if detached. The same timeless calm also prevails in majority of his landscape studies, even when his attention is attracted by an unusual rock formation or dramatic mountain outline. Romantic representation of nature as a violent and destructive element is alien to Tkadlík, in his landscape studies he continues to prefer the „moderate“ nature over the „dramatic“ one.
measurements: height 185 mm
width 255 mm
material: paper
technique: Pencil, India ink using wash technique on paper
inventory number: K 4580
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings