Epitaph of Jan of Jeřeň - Seated Madonna

1395) Anonymous (Prague

1395) Anonymous (Prague - Epitaph of Jan of Jeřeň - Seated Madonna
The oldest preserved epitaph from the Bohemian milieu was made in a Prague workshop to commemorate Jan of Jeřeň, canon of the St. Vitus chapter, who died on May 15, 1395 and was buried in the chapel of Ss. Simon and Jude in the Prague cathedral. Jeřeň’s epitaph is a key work of Bohemian Beautiful-Style panel painting. The painter drew on the work of the Master of the Třeboň Altarpiece, which is apparent, for example, in his depictions of the apostles. The IRR shows very clearly the black watercolour underdrawing. The engraved underdrawing traces the paintbrush underdrawing in subtle lines in both the outlines and details except for the inner facial lines. The painting closely follows the underdrawing. The artistic hand resembles the Panel from Dubeček (Inv. No. O 693), suggesting that the paintings were both made in the same Prague workshop.
measurements: height 62 cm
width 36 cm
material: canvas-covered limewood
technique: tempera
inventory number: O 11676
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters
from cycle: Epitaph of Jan of Jeřeň

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