Bust of a Discoursing Apostle

Petr Brandl

Petr Brandl - Bust of a Discoursing Apostle
In its subject, this painting can be included in a numerous series of this artist’s works, depicting busts of the apostles and Evangelists. Similar to Rembrandt, for example, Brandl was fascinated by the noble features of old men’s faces, which reflected life experience and wisdom. He created thick beards and lined faces with the help of thick layers of paints, applied by energetic brushstrokes. His penchant for clay and wax modelling showed here, as well. In fact Brandl took part in the competition for the sculptural decoration of Charles Bridge in Prague, and we can also point out his close friendship with the sculptor Matthias Bernhard Braun. This apostle is not represented with any attribute, and thus cannot be further identified. The gesture of his hand and his half-open mouth suggest that he is speaking. This work may have had a pendant originally, or it may have been included in a larger cycle of apostles’ busts.
measurements: height 83 cm
width 61 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 12889
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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