The Votive Altarpiece from Hýrov

1430-1440) Anonymous (Bohemia

1430-1440) Anonymous (Bohemia - The Votive Altarpiece from Hýrov
The central elongated panel of the Hýrov triptych features the enthroned Virgin and Child in front of a decorative curtain and a group of supplicants: a monk holding a large inscription band and a married couple. On the inner side of the left wing, St Margaret stands on a massive dragon, and the right wing depicts St John the Baptist. The work was commissioned by a Benedictine monk (possibly one of the post-Hussite Zátoň priors) and a secular couple whose coat-of-arms was later painted over. During the Hussite wars, the main artistic hubs tended to shift from Prague to more serene parts of the kingdom, such as the South-Bohemian Rožmberk (Rosenberg) dominion, or abroad. The art of the given era was also characteristic of withdrawing from the previous highly aestheticized and luxurious expression, which resulted in employing a limited range of decorative methods as well as a simplified decoration as such.
measurements: height 84 cm
width 192,5 cm
material: spruce wood covered with canvas
technique: tempera
inventory number: O 1396 - O 1398
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters
from cycle: The Votive Altarpiece from Hýrov

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