Portrait of Michael Kreisinger of Eckersfeld in His Youth

Johann Kupezky

Johann Kupezky - Portrait of Michael Kreisinger of Eckersfeld in His Youth
The painting is the only dated work from the period of Kupezky’s sojourn in Rome. The painter represented in it a member of the Prague aristocratic patriciate, Michael Kreisinger of Eckersfeld (1677-1755) at the age of twenty-three. At the time, Kreisinger undertook his cavalier trip, staying in Rome for some time, probably as a companion and steward of Johann Adam Andreas Prince of Liechtenstein, who, several years later, mediated this artist’s arrival in Vienna. The artist particularly focused on his refined, almost effeminately lovely face, dominated by large eyes framed with distinct eyebrows, and a full, sensual mouth. The changes that went on during the next thirty years - in both the model, and the painter’s means of expression - can be seen in the exhibited portrait of the same man, created by Kupezky during his Nuremberg period (exhibited in it the same room).
measurements: height 76 cm
width 60 cm
material: canvas
technique: oil
inventory number: O 17451
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters

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