A Couple

Zdeněk Palcr

Zdeněk Palcr - A Couple
Starting in the 1950s, Zdeněk Palcr’s work tended to simplify form into several basic features and rid it of any detail. Palcr continued to elaborate a figural type of a human couple with increasing abstractness and reduction in subsequent years. The red polychrome couple connecting two individualized figures into a single enclosed sculpted unit is inspired by the cubist sculpture Harmony by Gutfreund (1912), which has not survived. The embracing figures are stylized in robust cubist volumes devoid of detail.
measurements: height 56 cm
width 77 cm
depth 64 cm
material: polychrome asbestos cement
inventory number: P 6232
gallery collection: Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art
licence: copyrighted work

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