Scorpio (Variations on Rorschach Tests)

Vladimír Boudník

Vladimír Boudník - Scorpio (Variations on Rorschach Tests)
In 1949, Vladimír Boudník combined his artistic idiom with peace appeals, formulating them into the new art movement known as Explosionalism. The concept of this sole Explosionalist member was the vision of how to positively influence the acceptance and understanding of art. In 1957, Boudník finished his street actions and continued to work as a graphic artist. He experimented with the use of various materials in creating printing matrices, especially iron scrap and tools he used daily when he was employed in the ČKD Vysočany engineering works. This marked the inception of his active graphic art, based on the spontaneous creative gesture. He later expanded the art in its crude state to include other expressive media such as coloured monotypes and structural graphics with a matrix similar to assemblages. His prints with zoomorphic themes, also called The Roschach Tests (from 1966), function on the principle of the symmetric imprint of blotch−like impressions; here, he was inspired by pictures from the homonymous diagnostic method used in psychology.
measurements: height 409 mm
width 512 mm
in collections:
material: paper
technique: mixed techniques
inventory number: R 151760
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings
licence: copyrighted work

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