Andreas Stock - engraver, Jacques de Gheyn II. - designer - Landscape with Gypsies
Landscape is uncommon in de Gheyn’s oeuvre, making his cycle of six landscape engravings quite exceptional. Each of these small stylized landscapes contain a narrative element, such as the mythological story about Icarus’s fall (R 48885). The compositional arrangement follows the Flemish tradition of fictional landscapes. This print - the landscape with gypsies - is more innovative in its composition as it captures the common appearance of an early 17th-century village while the genre motif is less prominent. The subject matter along with the linear, stylized execution prefigure the famous etchings by Jacques Callot.The tendency to abandon stylization for depictions of actual landscapes and the everyday life in them corresponds with the general development in art in the Low Countries around 1600 and ushers in the Golden Age Dutch Art in the 17th-century.
measurements: height 110 mm
width 175 mm
material: paper
technique: engraving - etching
inventory number: R 48886
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings

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