Sawamura Tosshō as Enya Hangan

Utagawa Kunisada

Utagawa Kunisada - Sawamura Tosshō as Enya Hangan
Sawamura Tosshō (1802–1859) is presented in the role of Enya Hangan (Captain Enya) in his characteristic cloak bearing a large emblem symbolizing his role. In the drama “47 Rōnins. A Model Story or the Treasure of Samurai Loyalty” (Kanadehon Chūshiingura), he has a conflict with the intriguer and master of ceremonies Kō no Moronao and has to commit ritual suicide. He played the character of Enya Hangan around 1832. Two years earlier, in 1830, Sawamura Tosshō was still performing under the name Gennosuke II in the drama Kanadehon Chūshiingura in the Kawarazakiza Theatre, playing as many as nine characters, including Ōboshi no Yuranosuke, under whose leadership the 47 rōnins eventually avenge the death of their master Enya. (See Helena Honcoopová, Kunisada, Praha 2005, p. 129)
measurements: height 36,5 cm
width 26 cm
material: paper
technique: Colour woodblock print
inventory number: Vm 2864
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art