Bodhisattva Monju standing on a lion

Anonymous artist

Anonymous artist - Bodhisattva Monju standing on a lion
Monju (Manjusri in Sanskrit) characteristically rests on the back of a stylized lion, his accompanying animal and manner of transport. The original attributes of this bodhisattva are a sword and a scroll, which symbolize the victory of knowledge and education over ignorance. Monju from the National Gallery Prague holds a lotus bud in his right hand (but it could also be a sword fragment, as the attribute was partly broken) and a scroll in his left hand. The bodhisattva’s face is crowned with a thick hairdo with five topknots gokei – symbols of the five types of wisdom. The hairdo with topknots bears a metal crown tenkandai. The bodhisattva’s chest is adorned with lavish jewellery jōraku symbolizing Buddhist virtue and bliss.
measurements: height 80 cm
material: Wood
technique: Polychromy, gilded
inventory number: Vp 2728
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art