Boat with the Seven Gods of Fortune – netsuke

Anonymous artist

Anonymous artist - Boat with the Seven Gods of Fortune – netsuke
This detailed, precisely executed ivory fastener depicts a popular theme – a treasure ship (takarabune) with the Seven Gods of Fortune (shichifukujin). The seven gods include Ebisu, the patron saint of fishermen, who is depicted with a sea perch; Daikokuten, the god of trade and prosperity depicted with a large bag; Bishamonten, the patron saint of warriors depicted in armour and a helmet; Benzaiten (Benten), the female patron saint of knowledge and the arts depicted with the lute biwa; Fukurokuju, the god of longevity and happiness with a cane or scroll; Jurōjin, the god of longevity and wisdom with a characteristic longitudinal skull and accompanied by a tortoise or crane; and Hotei, the patron saint of children and bartenders and the god of popularity with a round stomach and moustache. Helmsmen are added in the rear part of the fastener.
measurements: height 3,5 cm
width 4 cm
depth 3 cm
material: Ivory
technique: Carving
inventory number: Vp 3056
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art