Seated Amida Buddha

Anonymous artist

Anonymous artist - Seated Amida Buddha
The statue is covered in golden and black lacquer. This type of the Amida Buddha with a full and harmonious face and half-closed eyes in peaceful concentration, seated in the meditation posture (padmasana), hands clasped in the Amida’s meditation gesture (dhyana), appeared repeatedly in Japanese sculpture starting in 1053. In that year, sculptor Jōchō produced the Amida’s ideal likeness in a gold-lacquered wood carving for the Fujiwara family in the Byōdōin Palace in Uji near Kyōto. This statuette of the seated Amida has inlaid glass eyes and a jewel in its hair in the form of a glass bead. It has lost a halo and a lotus base.
measurements: height 27,5 cm
width 20 cm
depth 13 cm
material: Wood
technique: Lacquer, polychromy
inventory number: Vp 3192
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art