Vase with fluted neck

Anonymous artist

Anonymous artist - Vase with fluted neck
This tall vase with a typical shape highly favoured during the Meiji period is painted in underglaze cobalt blue with circular medallions of various diameters with mainly plant motifs of camellia, chrysanthemum, peony, prunus, pine, iris, autumn grasses, radish, grapevine and more. In addition to the plant motif, the medallions bear phoenixes and “Chinese lions” and landscape scenery featuring Mount Fuji. (See Filip Suchomel – Marcela Suchomelová, Mistrovská díla japonského porcelánu, Praha 1997, p. 190.)
measurements: height 110 cm
depth 41,5 cm
material: Porcelain
technique: Painted in underglaze cobalt blue
inventory number: Vu 493
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art