Fox Hunt (variant)

Josef Navrátil

Josef Navrátil - Fox Hunt (variant)
In the 1850s Navrátil’s perception of the landscape underwent a substantial change. The gay Rococo colours of his earlier pictures were replaced by attenuated brown and green-grey tones, while the realistically rendered details were enhanced by pastose, structered brushwork. The genre picture „Fox Hunt“ belongs to this group of Navrátil’s work - the painter returned several times to this subject, in both oil paintings and gouaches. In the spirit of Biedermeier pictorial stories he made use of the motif of the sly fox.
measurements: height 23,8 cm
width 28,3 cm
material: paper
technique: gouache
inventory number: O 13632
gallery collection: Collection of 19th Century Art and Classical Modernism