Velhartice Ark


Anonymous - Velhartice Ark
The Velhartice ark assumes an exceptional place among the monuments of the Late Gothic in Bohemia, both thanks to its qualities, conditioned by the knowledge of carving in Upper Austria and Swabia, its state of preservation, and the circumstances of its commission. Specialized scholars have not yet found consensus in the identification of the artists of the various parts of the retable. Their opinions differ concerning the central sculpture of the Virgin and Child on a Crescent Moon, the reliefs of the wings and their panel painting, which unlike the carvings reveals a strong link to Franconia. The Vera Icon was originally placed in the rear part of the predella, while the front was decorated with the painted patron saints of the country and a now lost relief. In quality, the paintings represent the weakest part of the ark´s decoration, but the underdrawing reveals characteristic individuality. The composition of the Marian scenes reveals knowledge of the prints. At places, the authorial changes can be seen with the naked eye, as, for example, in the scene of the Twelve-year-old Jesus at the Temple (underdrawing of the stool) or Vera Icon Carried by Angels, elsewhere they are visible in infrared camera images (Mary’s Presentation at the Temple).
measurements: height 247 cm
width 250 cm
material: limewood
technique: relief, polychromy, gilding, tempera
inventory number: P 4601 - P4604; P 4575
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters
from cycle: Velhartice Ark

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