Plan of the Siege of Arras

Stefano della Bella - engraver

Stefano della Bella - engraver - Plan of the Siege of Arras
Like in the 1628 print Siege of La Rochelle, the artist divided his depiction of Arras under siege into two closely linked parts. While the narrow sheet captures the town besieged by troops, the large print shows the battlefield as a map. The print, still seen as one of the most influential in the 18th century, was greatly influenced by Callot’s print Siege of Breda, in which the artist also depicted the town’s map and military siege. Cardinal Richelieu commissioned Della Bella to do the etching. The work was well received in France for its theme and execution and brought the artist much acclaim.
measurements: height 115 mm
width 508 mm
material: paper
technique: etching
inventory number: R 105417
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings