Mahamudra – a golden thangka


Anonymous - Mahamudra – a golden thangka
This portrait of a Buddhist teacher depicts a figure clad in monastic robes. He wears a five-point crown, associated with the Five Great Buddhas. Arms crossed, he holds a ceremonial drum and a bell. His head and body are enveloped by aureoles, indicating high spiritual stature. Above the figure of the teacher dominates Adi-Buddha Vajradhara, with his arms folded, wielding thunderbolts. He is surrounded by Buddhist teachers from the Gelugpa school in the upper section of the painting and flanked by monks bringing votive gifts. The bottom section of the painting features several fierce gods – Dharmapala Yama with a bull’s head, a Six-Armed Mahakala and Kubera riding a lion.
measurements: height 87 cm
width 62 cm
material: silk
technique: painted in ink, colors and gold
inventory number: Vm 2616
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art