Headrest with motif of chrysanthemums


Anonymous - Headrest with motif of chrysanthemums
The headrest comes from the folk workshops called Cizhou yao. These wares were usually coarser and had a thicker body adorned with painted and carved decor. Natural symbolism or even inscriptions with congratulatory motifs are common. Two characters da ji (great happiness) are engraved on the headrest’s upper side. Inscriptions and decorative elements on headrests were meant to symbolically protect their owners or bring them good luck and positive influences. Square headrests, such as this one, were used as funerary accoutrements; those serving for day-to-day use had rather dull edges or cylindrical shapes.
measurements: height 28 cm
width 16 cm
depth 14 cm
material: stoneware
technique: sgraffito
inventory number: Vu 2896
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art