Saucer with motif of phoenixes and peonies


Anonymous - Saucer with motif of phoenixes and peonies
The taste of the Qing court for one-colour porcelain became apparent as early as the Kangxi period and continued in the following Yongzheng era, which was especially well-known for its monochrome artefacts. The production largely consisted of porcelains with glazes imitating classic Song types, while other products adopted and further improved the Kangxi innovations. This saucer is decorated in typical decorative carving and engraving techniques – the band with phoenixes and peonies is carved in the wide surfaces, while the upper rim bears a thin engraved line. The realistic execution and refinement of the pattern are reminiscent of painting in the flowers and birds genre, which was also used in this period to decorate colourful porcelains.
measurements: depth Ø 19 cm
material: porcelain
technique: bluish glaze, carved and engraved decor
inventory number: Vu 3945
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art