Standing Man

Anonymous (Syria)

Anonymous (Syria) - Standing Man
Fragment of an unfinished standing figure. Found during excavations at the Syrian mount of Sheikh Sa’ad, led by Bedřich Hrozný in 1924. Published in: Jan Bouzek (ed.), Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani, Czech Republic I – Roman Sculpture from Syria and Asia Minor in Czech Collections, Prague 1999, p. 13–14, SS 23; Jan Bouzek, Classical Art in Czech Collections, Praha 2010, p. 98, n. 401; Šárka Velhartická (ed.), Bedřich Hrozný a 100 let chetitologie / and 100 Years of Hittitology, Praha 2015, n. I.
measurements: height 109 cm
depth 22-18 cm
material: basalt
inventory number: Vp 891
gallery collection: Collection of Asian and African Art