Allegory of Faith

Matthias Bernhard Braun

Matthias Bernhard Braun - Allegory of Faith
This sketch of Faith is the only surviving precursor of the most famous of Braun’s works, the series of allegories of Virtues and Vices, commissioned by Franz Anton Count Sporck, to be situated along the elongated front of the hospital in Kuks. The bozzetto was doubtless created by Braun himself, revealing all assets of his sculptural approach. A comparison with the monumental stone statue in Kuks clearly shows how much freedom this master allowed his journeymen in the execution of large sculptures. His Prague studio used this sketch again in a sculpture of the same theme for the hospital church in Duchcov.
measurements: height 28,5 cm
material: terracotta with fragments of dark varnish
inventory number: P 714
gallery collection: Collection of Old Masters