Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha - Absinth
Mucha co−pioneered a new style and influenced the fin de siècle aesthetics. In the collective exhibition held in 1897 at the Salon des Cent, he showed three drawings for the intended series “Seven Deadly Sins”. Around 1900, he drew a series of pastels illustrating the struggle of Man for moral enlightenment, entitled “The dregs of Society” that included the Absinth drawing. The expressive illustration with its contrast of the loud pastel colour and the blackness of the charcoal is imbued with a symbolic meaning. In this image, the artist reveals the humankind’s debased morality and unrestrained passions that ultimately lead to crimes and wars. As a free mason, Mucha used the popularity of his artwork to disseminate his ideals of restoring spiritual humanity in people’s minds and hearts.
measurements: height 475 mm
width 630 mm
in collections:
material: paper
technique: pastel
inventory number: K 31626
gallery collection: Collection of Prints and Drawings